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Chartered Finance Manager

Certified Financial Managers, who may have specific titles like comptroller, treasurer, or finance officer, oversee the monetary affairs and transactions of organizations. They are frequently employed by large corporations, banks, government agencies, non-profits, small business and other organizations. Common duties of Certified Financial Managers include monitoring cash flow, preparing income statements, balance sheets and budgets, complying with regulatory requirements and overseeing accounting and auditing.

The minimum entry-level credential to work as a Certified Financial Manager is a bachelor's degree in a field like accounting, finance, business administration or economics, though many employers now prefer to see candidates with a master's degree in one of these fields. Common courses in a 4-year bachelor's program include asset management, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and cash flow management. There are many relevant certifications in the field of Certified Financial Management, including that of Certified Public Account (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Account (CMA); these certifications require a number of years of work experience and passing a sequence of examinations.

Certified Financial Managers must be thoroughly familiar with financial regulations and reporting requirements. Strong math, management and communications skills are also important for a successful career in Certified Financial Management.

Course Duration

  • Fast Track :
    6 Months
  • Regular :
    1 Year

Exam Durations

  • Home :
    30 Days
  • Study Centre :
    3hrs / paper
  • Online Exam :
    2hrs / paper


PG or above

Work Experience

2 Year Minimum

Course Fee

USD 490/-