Admission Policy

Admission Policy

This admission policy covers all students and professionals who are interested to register for any education, management, or training study through our organization. Both Al-Zagel admission team and its clients should respect the following articles of this policy:


Our organization goals are to provide a higher qualified education, teaching, management and training experience to all eligible students and professional applicants irrespective of their backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, races, religions, and ethnicity, and to provide distinguished graduates our study experience, management techniques and training skills to share in developing their communities and make their life experience much better.

To provide policy information and full details to enquirers, applicants; students, professionals, parents, guardians, staff and advisors about admissions terms and conditions, about registration at our organization and for all those who are involved in student life, admissions, academic programs, study abroad and tuition fees.

This policy covers our undergraduate, postgraduate applicants and the professionals ending of achieving their certificates and professional diplomas to be active members in their communities and to create a better change. It also covers other types of study we are offering whether in full time, part time, regular or online learning or study abroad.

Based on the submitted documents, we are committed to providing the required fair admission services and full support for all applicants regardless their ages, colors, nationalities, races, religions, culture, and ethnicity. We are also committed to provide free discrimination behavior in working with our clients, as all our community members are treated with good respect and high dignity. We aim to create a culture of diversity within our community and committed also to providing equality of opportunity for all of them.

It is a must for each and every applicant to submit to our admission team all the following required school qualifications and other required personal documents, fully authenticated and on hard copies one month before starting each academic semester, as the following documents are usually required for your admission process:

  • Application open file form fees of AED 200.00
  • Bank statement, showing the capability of paying your study expenses during the required study program period.
  • The required tuition fees as per each institution fees Policy.
  • Your UAE resident visa should be valid at the first point of submitting your documents.
  • Your UAE national ID should also be valid at the first point of submitting your documents.
  • Hard copies of your School certificates, in complete and well authenticated.
  • The valid PASSED test exam certificates and the required placement test exams results wherever required showing the achieved scores
  • Our admission teams are committed to delivering a fair admission system that accepts students of outstanding achievement and potential, irrespective of their background and other issues.

    Applications will be assessed against academic and non-academic selection criteria specific to the  course of study selected by admitted students. So, students should take care by themslves for each and every course description.

    Our partners welcome applications from students achieving excellence in a wide range of qualifications, and the admission team has the final say for each given admission.

    Our teaching, assessment, and student support are delivered in English. Applicants must therefore demonstrate proficiency in the written and spoken use of the English language to the general standard required by our abroad partners and should have the PASSED records is such test exams as TOELE, IELTS, GRA, SATand others.

    Initial Application, All applications are well assessed carefully and by the same criteria, and the seats offered on the basis of the academic and professional judgement of suitably qualified admission teams. Applicants expects a response within twenty-one working days of submitting the application and this response could be either:

  • Accepted.
  • Rejected..
  • Called for an extra interview
  • Documents /information queries.
  • All applicants who are offered a seat to study at our partners institutions will receive either offer letters or initial acceptance letters which include either full final offer letters, that are accepted with zero comments or initial offer letters conditioned to some fulfillments such as; asking to add some missing documents or for more extra information, that need to be fulfilled or completed before an applicant can get his/her admission letter and before joining his/her semester.

    It is our commitment to send a clear response for our applicants about their official admissions or the acceptance letters and other study materials and before starting their study programs.

  • Each and every applicant should provide our admission team with a true evidence that he/she has stuffiest funding that can pay all the required tuition fees along with his/her personal living expenses during his/her study program period and with zero delay.
  • Should any sponsored student fail to pay the required tuition fees, he/she will become responsible for the due tuition fees payments
  • A student entry visa is a must for some applicants who are interested to study with our abroad partner institutions, where each has its own special, policy and different requirements and needs to get that student's visa

    you also must make sure that some institutions as in UK, ask the international applicants to meet the Tier 4 UK Visas and Immigration's English language requirements.

    Financial aid and scholarship for some eligible applicants will be available at some university partners and subject to their budgets' availability.

    We also made our promised commitments for all our graduates after completing their study programs, to help in getting their graduation certificates and diplomas well authenticated from the required parties, against extra authentication charges will be paid by our graduates.

    Certificates and diplomas cannot be handed over to any graduate student or any graduate professional unless signing the clearance form, showing that all graduate tuition fees and other service charges had been cleared successfully.

    Since students and professionals are admitted with us, they should respect UAE rules and regulations as well as the country rules and regulations of our partners institutions he/she registered in.

    All teams of our organization are carefully selected and well trained for respecting our customers timing in a professional way and not keeping them waiting for nothing, so a promise was made making a fast, accurate and appropriate pre-entry information in the proper time, keep following with them and for the updates and then, informing them with their final admission decision and other needed tips.

    we are also committed with a real transparency value in using our clients information about their study live, about their  courses, their study activities, and lives experience etc.

    We do provide a Timelines, appropriate information at each stage of each applicant's study points, from early study  courses till the graduation point.

    Our organization can help those who are interested to apply getting his/her internship through our organization, but always subject to the number of seats available with our partners.

    We promise with every effort to ensure that the information and the printing materials we provide on our website are accurate and updated. Therefore, students should refer to our website for the most up-to-date information about his/he lives study and different issues of our policy, rules, and regulations

    All applicants must submit our admission team and at the first point with his/her real active contact Numbers, e. mail addresses, and guardians contact numbers, otherwise our organization has zero responsibility for not receiving any of our information and study materials notifications.

    We encourage applicants for some vocational or professional  courses to demonstrate medical fitness to practice in their communities after completing their study.

    We pay more care and welcome applicants of additional support needs and provide them with special procedures to make them meet their interests, continue and complete their study and cooperate well in their communities.

    Our partners expect our students and professionals building a unique relationship between each other and build on mutual respect. Any misconduct or any inappropriate behavior of any student will be viewed seriously, and students will usually be reprimanded, warned dismissed by our partner institutions.

    Any misusing of any study material during the student's study period, at any point and without permission form the topics writer/owner, may result to student's dismiss or withdrawal from the institution.

    At the end of each academic semester, you will be asked to give our partners your fair and effective feedback about their admission, registration process and teaching techniques so they can build on that feedback and can make the necessary changes or developments on their admission process or teaching techniques.

    To make our distinguished services runs on the same level, an evaluation feedback form needs to be filled by each graduate to help our admission quality assurance committee reviewing that and keep building on our necessary regular developments.

    Our partners policies can be considered and followed for further articles beyond this policy, such as registration  courses, lab courses, assignments, mid and final terms, etc

    Opening and closing dates of admission will be announced regularly on our website

    This policy is implemented effective immediately and for any changes, addition, or omission of some articles, will be announced on our official website.

    Dubai courts; any conflict or misunderstanding may raise between any of our clients and our organization, and if can not be solved in a friendly manner, Only Dubai Courts can be considered for a final decission.