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It was a wonderful experience learning through Al-Zagel (ZMCES) online BPP course.The faculty had extended full support and guidance throughout the program and even afterwards.It never felt like a distance education B-School at all. Help was always at hand, much like a physical university. Happy and proud that i chose to purse my BPP course from Al-Zagel (ZMCES).

Reshma P R

The variety of course offered by Al-Zagel (ZMCES) is a treasure trove, I'd say. Enjoyed every bit of the course and it was awesome being part of a student community again.It had been a journey of joyful learning at your for which I'll forever be thankful.

Nijo Jose

I truly value the course offered by Al-Zagel (ZMCES). The course is designed in such a way that learning is not limited to the courseware. I have gained a lot of knowledge through the course. The way these subjects are handled helps students to think out of the box and find solutions thus. I am very happy that I had chosen to take up this course and gratified about the insight that I acquired from it. Albedo school is very well organized as an institution, and the courses too are well focused.