Study Abroad

Study Abroad Policy

Students can study in different destinations of the globe where we have agreements with some universities and are our partners abroad. Students can register either as full-time regular students or online students where they can study at home, keeping their career positions active.

Students who are studying at their home universities as full-time regular students and can register in one of our partner universities as host students, for mostly a semester or two or one academic year and can come back to complete their graduation studies at their home universities.

  • Student should meet a GPA of 2.5 and up.
  • Should meet proficiency exam scores such as of TOEFLE, IELTS, exams and based on the host university admission standards and policy.
  • A valid UAE visa and National ID.
  • Should have completed, with good standard, more than 04 academic semesters.
  • Bank statement showing that he/she can study abroad on his/her expenses with zero difficulty, or any grounded sponsorship.
  • Accredited courses acceptance form both home & host universities and should be added to his/her transcript.
  • Others as per each home or host university policy.
  • Study abroad student should come back to his/her home university before his/her graduation semester.
  • A clearance certificate is a must for each study abroad student from his/her host university after completing his /her study abroad program.
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