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Mr. Ziad KH. Nasser

Dear valuable students, parents, professionals, and partners

On behalf of our Al-Zagel Management Consultancy and Educational Services (ZMCES), we would like to present, with proud and great pleasure our Executive President and Founder of this educational organization, that is located in Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Ziad KH. Nasser was named as the Executive President and Founder for Al-Zagel in 2020, as a senior executive staff and the department head In-charge for the study abroad and exchange program at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 1999, as an HR senior administrative auditor at the UAE Ministry of Information and Culture and the Emirates Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) in 1989. As a legal translator by UAE Ministry of Justice in 1991, in different senior positions In 1981, of total 38 years of different rich experience history and finally as an alumni of American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 2003 where he worked and studied at the same institution.

  • Translation and interpreting.
  • HR Administrative auditing.
  • Coaching and recruiting.
  • Leadership management.
  • Education, study abroad and exchange program skills.
  • Policy development creator.
  • Conference, business and social event organizer.

  • BA degree, faculty of Arts and Science, graduated from Aleppo University in Syria, in 1980
  • Diploma degree, faculty of Arts and Science in translation and interpreting of different levels, graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 2001
  • MA degree, faculty of Arts and Science in translation and interpreting, graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 2003

38 years in various senior positions

Experience In:

Mr. Nasser has a rich experience history mostly in student life care, exchange programs and study abroad and finally in coaching professionals, leadership, emotional intelligence, quality assurance, student life, customer services, problem solving, resolving conflicts, creating policy, coaching for performance program, motivation intelligence, public safety aspects, and has guided more than 50 professional staff at the American University of Sharjah and empowered them with full senior training sessions and make them all well qualified and ready for any competitive senior position in the educational business career market.

Mr. Nasser always believes in development of students life, and has a keen care to attend most of the international student life conferences organized by different parties as The American University of Sharjah which made his knowledge about student's life more useful in his career life. Attended many student's conferences, as the ones entitled the International conference about the administration in a changeable world in 1998, and American University of Sharjah (AUS) student leadership conferences 01 and 02 in 2011 and 2013.

Working with high level of senior advisors, General Directors and Managers at EBC and American University of Sharjah (AUS), made him more than qualified for any position he works in and recommended for. He was announced as an active member in many different committees during the last 38 years of his rich experience and recommended by his Professors, Advisors and General Directors, that he is one of their best distinguished students and staff and is strongly recommended for any future senior executive position with zero doubt.

Based on Mr. Ziad's high qualifications, rich experience, open minded skills, self-motivated, team work player, leadership skills, and hardworking during this long period of experience in UAE, and based on his strong grounded American study, knowledge and huge rich experience in different aspects of leader education, coaching and executive management developments, he is definitely and without any doubt a strong competitive consultant, a certified branded and a real experienced specialist in these fields that made him able to provide individuals, professionals clients and those who ae interested in education and professional developments the undivided support that made them distinguished professionals, more qualified, more branded and having strong competitive with others in terms of industry promotion environment and helped him receiving a number of recognition awards, honor certificates and appreciation messages from American University of Sharjah (AUS), UAE Ministry of Information and Culture and EBC.

Mr. Nasser is a visionary who is always passionate to bring new and innovative ideas about improving lives of people through education, management, and training. With his strong leadership trait spanning over a career of almost 38 years in various senior positions, most of them with students life care, students of multi culture, of different nationalities, of different minded individuals, ethnicity, passion, interest and skills, Mr. Nasser was able to be part of various student related initiatives aimed at improving their life experience through coaching sessions, workshops, local & international education and management conferences which made him more eager to invest in education industry to contribute towards a better society.

He is also a constant learner who watch closely how the world evolves and how can he prepare and mold students and professionals to make them adapt according to the changing world. His aim is to give the best facility and service to all candidates of this organization to contribute towards a better society and promising work force in the long term.

His dream is always to provide a full undivided support for individuals and professionals clients to reach their true potential and achieve successfully their goals and ambitions.

Mr. Nasser, having substantial experience with the education and training industry locally and globally a like, since he has rich experience with international universities and their regular and online educational systems and exchange programs

His strict adherence to quality and standard ensures that he places only the best faculties/trainers who has substantial experience in education/training/coaching field including Academic Counsellors, Administrators, Student Services Coordinators etc.

As highly qualified educator with American and oriental professional education mixed with both Arabian and American education knowledge in various high education level areas as legal translation and interpreting of all topics and leadership executive senior management mixed with more than 38 years of different senior leadership positions in both Arabian and American senior leadership management and student's life experience, backed with different professional coaching sessions, workshops, local and international education and management conferences and all in one made me more than qualified to found this company like this one. With my both rich experience life history and high qualification can with zero doubt guide and give a real consultancy guides for those who are highly motivated, self-interested in our education and training industry and those who are looking also for a well branded experience source in both professional management and different coaching and safety sectors that all global markets are now in need of, can help them clicking on our website to find their required professional training needs and coaching requirements These high level of the American education and rich experience history made me really an energetic, highly dynamic with a good knowledge in different industry areas of translation, student affairs, study abroad/exchange programs, leadership education, customer service, coaching, HR auditing activity organizer and senior executive management, made me able to use my own initiatives and work skills as a part of a team under any pressure environment to meet any of you challenging needs and interests, highly motivated and enthusiastic, professionally qualified with American branded certificates and Professional Diplomas.

We do believe with full confident that Mr. Nasser is a real leader for this position and if he is not the best one for this position, he is trying to provide his valuable clients the best knowledge of his best experience he had earned during his rich 38 year's experience of his life to make them meet and achieve their dreams and real interests.

Mr. nasser was also announced in many situations as an active member in many committees such as:

  • EBC /Abu Dhabi TV member of the administrative structure committee, 2000.
  • American University of Sharjah (AUS) member committee to meet the UAE Commission for Academic Accreditation Team from Ministry of Higher Education for Assessing the Master Degree in Translation and Interpreting Program (MATI), in 2005.
  • American University of Sharjah (AUS) student affairs recruiting committee, and more.

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