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Welcome to Al-Zagel

President's Welcome Message

On behalf of Al-Zagel Management Consultancy and Educational Services (ZMCES) management, it's staff, partners, students and professionals, I am really delighted to welcome all and every one of you here. Congratulations to all of you for the hard work that gave you a good opportunity to register in our organization which is one of the most distinguished educational organizations in the region, armed with highly qualified professional staff, high level of team management members and branded international partners. Your registration with us gives a clear message about our organization continuity, which we are proud of. You have now become members of Al-Zagel's family, we do really extend our gratitude to parents and guardians for having entrusted us with the education of their sons and daughters and we are happy that you have chosen to join us.

If fact, you will be joined by highly qualified faculty and distinguished management members who will work together hand in hand to give the best experience in management and teaching too. This is an amazing time at our organization, and we are so glad to have you all here.

Happy to inform you that you had selected the right place at the right time, where in a short period of time and based on your study program, you will be graduating and will be leaving Al-Zagel family to contribute to a better world with the learned knowledge skills and experiences you will have provided through our branded organization

It is worth noting here that we teach our students and professionals in universities are not existed only to grand degrees and certificates but also to spread knowledge through each one's community by distinguished graduates like you that go through education in different institutions and thus make the people have hope, become happier and despite the critical spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), as we made every necessary precautions and clinical measures to stop it, to make the education message continues, to make your academic programs runs very smoothly and are not interrupted.

As we are committed to providing our students with quality programs, activities and services that enhance and enrich students academic experience, we also encourage our students to collaborate and experience working life beyond the classroom.

Do not worry at all, it is our great value and brand promise to take care of your needs and requirements during your study with us, to make your health care and study life in safe hands and at our top priority irrespective of many challenges we are really facing, because students and parents, professionals and partners are valuable customers for us and most of our care have been made to support students academic and social life. To offer them our customers responsive, competent, the best life-time study experience and excellent services as our customers are the most important part of our business, and we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction, now and for as long as you are our customer, that's why i am happy to inform you that I will be your primary point of contact at this organization, and I encourage you to contact me directly at any time with any of your questions, comments, and feedback. I can be reached during regular business working hours in the following ways. Phone:+971-52-92-48-600,+971-56-98-43-331

Thanks again for you all, wishing you a real successful study time with us, take care.


Ziad KH. Nasser

Executive President & Founder

Al-Zagel Management Consultancy and Educational Services

Our Vision

A proverb we believe in " Without a vision, the people perish", so, our vision is to work hand in hand with our clients; young and old, to make them love education and management and meet their interests in international standards, to offer them the best ever high quality educational and management services in a good cost and make them successful academic leaders and perfect professionals in their future communities. To be, a global branded organization; in a global country like Dubai UAE, where most of nationalities live in, most of them are educated, self-motivated and love education as well as being a trusted advisor for others to learn and follow our exceptional branded inspirations and strategies. to provide them with our undivided support. In fact, our vision outlines our values and objectives that help our clients to reach and achieve their educational and management own interests smoothly and to the point, encourage them to use their own existing inspirations and new ideas and teach them how to make them real facts and how to prepare them becoming a highly qualified leaders easily able to face the challenges of their future life.

Our Mission

I know we are not the best in the globe, but trying our best to offer the best educational and management service to all clients of different generations regardless of their ages, nationalities, genders races, religions, colors and make them love study and be happy in their education and management studies. To achieve our vision successfully, effectively and in the best manner way, is that we have to deliver a high-end specialized education and management consultancy services that are fit for purpose and designed to add value to our clients and assist them in achieving their strategic objectives. As education and management are both the means as well as the end to a better life, so our specialists will offer and guide our clients a full awarenss from A to Z; how to achieve their dreams, how to select their perfect major studies in the best perfect institutions and colleges that fit their financial and academic interests, how to think beyond the box and understand well their topics in an easy-to-read way, how to use website properly as each one has a secured policy by terms and conditions and finally how to use the copy rights of the study materials. They also provide and deliver our international students with the necessary needs for study abroad.

So, our real mission is to empower our clients with our full support and help to achieve his/her educational targets, skills, and inspirations successfuly, as we always keep in mind the best interest of our partners universities abroad, students, parents and professionals, we aim offering a high quality of education and management skills at a reasonable cost and based on clients interest.

Our Values

Always and every time, our values reflect easily who we are and what we should work for, so we have a real commitment to work with our clients with full energy and undivided open spirit so as to achieve the following values the we believe in so much.

  • Clients Commitment: always looking for a positive difference in working with our clients and how to make them happy and successful in achieving their interests.
  • Committed to high Quality Assurance; we care so much in delivering a premium value to our clients by offering them the best high excellent level of quality assurance in both education and management services.
  • Teamwork: all our staff and partners are more than professional, and work hand in hand as one team to meet the interests and needs of our clients.
  • Good listeners and a real client respect; we value, encourage, and reward our partners and clients alike, and respect their feedbacks and comments whatever simple and small are.
  • Working in difficult situations and environments without affecting the quality of our work.
  • Open minded skills, working with any single issue with an open mind.
  • Always looking for good solutions, we care for the best solutions for our clients.
  • A will to win; we always show undivided distinguished will to win in all our business platforms.
  • Personal Accountability.
  • Effective counselling and reachable consultations, on person, by phone, e-mails or via any of the available social media platforms.
  • Excellence: achieving excellence in whatever we offer and do.
  • Leadership skills we used advanced skills in working with our clients.
  • Time management and respecting deadlines and clients own time.
  • Transparency.
  • Celebrate our achievements and success.
  • Encouraging new inspirations, that with zero doubt will upgrade our work developments and accordingly will make our clients and parents happier.

Our Ethics

As ethics is a system of moral principles and behaviors in the workplace that includes ; obeying the organization's rules, cooperation, effective communication, taking responsibility, accountability, professionalism, trust and mutual respect, we promise always to do the right thing for you, will maintain you trust and confidence and we will work with you as real professionals

Our Integrity

  • Being a real authentic

    We are authentic people, approachable and genuine. We do not pretend to be better than you but because of our true nature, we are indeed on a high ground.

  • Know that other people's time has a real value

    We are grateful for your time and contribution as we know the value of your time and we will not ever keep you waiting.

  • Humble

    We are not egoistic and always help others whenever we can, and we always admit our mistakes and work harder to be better.

  • Can apologize

    We are people with true integrity never fail to realize our mistakes and apologize whenever required

  • Know when someone is wrong

    We quickly understand when someone has done something wrong, but we also forgive easily.

  • Good Believers in others

    Our people are empowered with full integrity, have utmost faith and confidence in others. We would expect you to be honest with us, just like we are to you.

  • Volunteer for good cause

    Always intend to work for the benefit of the society, volunteering comes naturally to us. We don't expect anything in return.

  • Do not need to argue when we disagree

    We never ever argue over disagreements simply because we do not think it's necessary to start conflicts and negativity because of difference in opinions.

  • Will never take advantage of others

    We do not really make friends get work done but because we truly cherish the relationship.

  • Honesty

    We never tell lies to escape from a situation. We own up to our mistakes and rectify them, which makes them amazing individuals.

Our Teachers

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